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Commercial Litigation

Coleman Frost LLP’s experienced litigation professionals have achieved numerous impressive results for Fortune 100 public companies, large and small private businesses, governmental entities, and individuals. Before joining Coleman Frost LLP, most of our Firm’s attorneys worked for a number of years at large national or global law firms. We believe that our unique combination of “big firm” know-how and attention to detail, experience handling of diverse litigation matters, small firm agility and cost-effectiveness, trial and arbitration experience, and unusually strong work ethic, enables our Firm to achieve results for our clients that are far superior to those obtained by other law firms in comparable situations. If a case cannot be settled quickly at the outset, or adjudicated in our client’s favor early through a pleading-stage motion, our attorneys work hard to position the case for a favorable resolution down the road through strategic motion practice. We obtain additional leverage through discovery and private investigation. If summary judgment is not available, we are often able to “whittle down” our opponent’s case through summary adjudication motions and other procedural mechanisms in advance of trial. We put added pressure on our adversaries using pre-trial motions. We have additional leverage during settlement discussions because our litigation professionals have significant trial and commercial arbitration experience.

Our litigation attorneys have experience handling litigation involving an extremely wide range of subject matters, including, for example, cases involving breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, product liability, intellectual property infringement and misappropriation, employment, real estate, construction defect, aircraft crash cases, environmental contamination, antitrust, probate litigation, adversary proceedings in bankruptcy, technology license and development ventures, professional errors and omissions, and many others. Many of these litigation matters have involved tens or hundreds of millions of dollars in dispute.

Our litigation attorneys also have extensive experience handling large, complex litigation matters disputes involving mass torts and class actions. These cases have included, for example, actions arising out of environmental contamination, defective products, claimed breaches of partnership agreements, violations of federal and state securities laws, and violations of federal and state anti-trust laws. Our attorneys have prosecuted and defended clients in nationwide and statewide class actions, handled multi-district litigation (“MDL”), and represented clients in Judicial Council Coordinated Proceedings (“JCCP”) involving the coordination of hundreds of individual lawsuits. A number of the world’s largest companies have relied upon our attorneys to defend them in some of the most significant litigation matters ever filed in the United States, including Fortune 100 companies who have relied upon the firm’s attorneys to defend them in “bet the company” class and other mass actions – some with hundreds of millions or billions of dollars at stake.

Our attorneys have litigated cases in many different forums, including a variety of state and federal courts and every major arbitration organization (JAMS, ADR Services, AAA and others). Our litigation attorneys’ experience includes handling cases from one end of the country to the other, including, for example, handling a multi-million dollar hotel management dispute before the Land Court of Hawaii and a multi-million dollar breach of lease case in the United States District Bankruptcy Court in New York.

Although our attorneys are focused on achieving victory for our clients, they recognize that what constitutes a “win” depends upon many factors, including, for example, the client’s long range strategic goals, the client’s desire to maintain, improve or sever an existing relationship with its adversary, the potential for publicity (positive or negative) arising out of the litigation, global, national or local economic conditions, potential transactions that could be impacted by the litigation (such as a merger or acquisition), relationships with investors, business partners, lenders, governmental entities, and others, financial and other constraints of the client, court system budget reductions, and many other considerations. Our Firm’s attorneys are focused on achieving cost-effective, practical solutions with these considerations in mind.


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